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Our team specializes in developing infrastructure projects, providing conceptual, basic, and detailed engineering services tailored to meet the client’s requirements. Our goal is to deliver safe, efficiently managed, cost-effective projects that meet client requirements.

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During the conceptual and basic design engineering phase, we offer specialized services in several areas, including:

  1. Civil Engineering

We develop Field survey, soil studies, analysis of the complexity of the Terrain, definition of the route of oil pipelines, Topographic Plans.

Engineering for special works, Geotechnics, accesses, crossings, analysis of potential risks, required buildings, cementing rings for circular tanks, others.

  1. Process Engineering:

Our team analyzes the project’s operating scenarios in-depth to determine the optimal diameters for linear works such as pipelines. This process thoroughly explores different operational scenarios, including maximum operating pressures versus pipe diameters.

  1. Mechanical Engineering:

Our team provides a detailed description of the equipment and components required for the system, including piping, compression stations, valves, trap systems, and measurement and regulation equipment. We estimate the budget for each component for linear works such as gas pipelines.

  1. Electrical Engineering:

We provide a comprehensive description of the electrical power facilities required, including the components of the cathodic protection system and the needed power facilities, such as stations and blocking valves. We also estimate the budget for each component.

  1. Instrumentation Engineering:

Our team provides a detailed description of the required instrumentation facilities and alternatives for the level of automation. We also offer a description of the SCADA and communications systems and an estimated budget for each component.

Overall, our engineering services are tailored to meet each project’s specific needs, ensuring the infrastructure project is completed successfully and efficiently.

Using the optimum tools to get the job done.

Our engineers and designers use the appropriate software to develop, control, manage or supervise each phase of our projects, from conceptual design to construction and commissioning. We develop the management and control of the project, including the management of the schedule of activities, times, resources and costs, with the objective of delivering projects on time, within budget and with quality results.