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Single Distribution Tariff (TUD) Distribution of Natural Gas in the region of ICA Period, 2022-2026



  • Determination of Natural Gas Distribution Tariffs by Pipeline Network to the
    Ica Concession for the period comprised between 2022 and 2026.


  • Definition of Criteria and General Methodology.
  • Review of the Concessionaire’s Five-Year Investment Plan,
  • Analysis of the Tariff Proposal submitted by the Concessionaire,
  • Preparation of the Single Distribution Tariff Proposal.
    • Determination of Current and Projected Demand.
    • REDESIGN of networks, using Gaswork 10.0 software
    • Determination of CAPEX – VNR -BAREMO
    • Determination of OPEX – Model Company
    • Development of the rate calculation methodology
    • Determination of the Average Rate and Rate by Consumption Ranges
    • Determination of complementary charges: Cut and
    Reconnection – Inspection, Supervision and Enabling – Right of
    Connection – Connection cost
  • Analysis of the Appeals for Reconsideration and incorporation of

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